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New marketing strategies

Companies are willing to win and retain its customers. Companies are always seeking for solutions in order to achieve their goals.  In order to prove this, firms must use new commercial and marketing strategies. Our partners are appealing to our direct marketing knowledge.

This approach enables to achieve to get a quick and measurable result.  Indeed, nowadays face-to-face marketing makes sales increase by 80% in certain sectors. Face-to-face marketing (direct marketing) represents at the same time a way of distribution, communication, sale and strategy. This allows to clearly targeting the customer and not the whole market or a specific market segment.

How to set up marketing strategies
  • The market knowledge: direct marketing enables firms to get informed on market thanks to a consumer sample. These people give feedbacks before launching a product, a commercial offer or a brand new concept.

  • To inform: Direct marketing goal is to inform customers. It will inform customers on new coming fees, new promotions and a new product release.

  • To sell: The main objective is to create a privileged relationship with the customer in order to sell different products. These techniques enable to achieve customers we could not target using traditional sales techniques.

  • Retain customers: The objective is to establish a cooperative relationship with customers and keeping contact.

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